Mercury Transit 2016, don't stare with naked eyes

May 07 2016 09:50 AM
Mercury Transit 2016, don't stare with naked eyes

Get ready for the incredibly rare celestial event which will see Mercury appear in front of our home star.  On Monday, Mercury - the smallest planet in our solar system - will pass in front of the sun which occurs just 13 times each century.

You shouldn't stare directly into the sun (ouch), but by watching online or using a telescope with a special filter, you can see Mercury in all its tiny glory.

Anyone who stares at the sun risks permanent damage to their eyesight.

"Due to its diminutive size, viewing this event safely requires a telescope or high-powered binoculars fitted with solar filters made of specially-coated glass or Mylar," NASA wrote.

Mercury is the planet which is closest to the sun and is named after the famous "winged messenger" of Roman mythology.

This is the first Mercurian transit since 2006, and we won't see another until 2019.

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