Messi's Injury leads Barcelona into great depression
Messi's Injury leads Barcelona into great depression

Messi’s injury in the match against Athletico Madrid has led him to go off the chart for 3 weeks. The star player went off the field at 59th minute, it was later determined that the injury was a serious thing to be concerned about as messi suffered great pain. The medical team deduced it was limb cramp and now he has sit outside the field for about three weeks.

Already Barcelona is struggling to get a way which would lead them against their arch rival, Real Madrid and now a blow of Messi going off the team at a time so crucial will only enhance their panic. The Match resulted against Athletico Madrid led to draw with the score of 1-1 on both the sides.

According to the sources, the star Argentinean player was already facing a groin problem which he got in the match against Venezuela and again after with Uruguay, and the recent injury only increases his pain.

Messi took his decision back,announces to continue to play for Argentina !

Is Leo Messi currently the best Soccer player in the league?

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