MetGain aims at creating a revolutionary ecosystem by boosting digital asset investments.
MetGain aims at creating a revolutionary ecosystem by boosting digital asset investments.

By associating a wide group of people and helping them generate passive income, the platform boosts financial power through strategic investments.

MetGain is a revolutionary multi-blockchain funded platform that aims at bridging the void between lender-investor or fundraiser. The platform's major objective is to connect the vast ecosystem that encourages borderless transactions for crowdfunding a new project. It has emerged as the most transparent P2P and decentralized support system in the world. The decentralized crypto platform is based on the TRC or Tron (a sovereign blockchain) and is developed as a high-performing platform to provide a host of services. It comes across as a complete ecosystem that offers many characteristics like NFT marketplace, staking, and exchange.

Furthermore, MetGain's dedicated NFT marketplace will be designed to connect decentralized communities which will let people own exclusive rights to characters, music, videos, unique themes, and much more. It has been designed to revolutionize the blockchain market by introducing a more accessible financial system with the backing of crypto swapping. Its digital wallet allows investors to generate maximum yields to the user’s crypto asset. The platform has also launched its dedicated launchpad, through which users can set up their coins and raise resources for their investment.

One of the most attractive features of MetGain is the safety it offers to investors who lose their funds in rug pull scams. The platforms sales factories and smart contracts ensure automated lock and liquidity on every transaction. This easy fix drives the sellers to lock their funds and liquidity for the specified duration. Investors can purchase presale tokens without worrying owing to the liquidity lock duration registered on the launch page. This is an added safety feature as it reduces the chances of scammers fleeing with the funds as it has the liquidity clause attached to it.

It has a host of other features like METPAY, METG token and a lot more which one can check out on MetGain's official website . 

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