Mission 2024: KCR ready to join hands with Congress! But a big condition was placed on Rahul Gandhi
Mission 2024: KCR ready to join hands with Congress! But a big condition was placed on Rahul Gandhi

Hyderabad: The exercise of opposition unity has intensified for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. On the one hand, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is constantly busy in forming a political alliance by meeting big leaders of the opposition. On the other hand, some regional parties are also giving air to the Third Front, in which Congress-free opposition is being imagined. One such party, the BRS of CM Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), is also lobbying to make it a third front for a long time. But, now KCR's party has softened a bit. It may tie up with the Congress for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Information has been received quoting sources that there is a discussion going on within the BRS that the Congress should also be included in the opposition unity.

A leader of the party has told the media that if the Congress starts giving adequate respect to the regional parties, if respectable seats are given to the regional parties by the Congress, then things can happen. The BRS leader said that all we are saying is that Congress should get respectable seats, where it is strong, it should compete. But where other regional parties are strong, the Congress should leave the seat for them. In the same way opposition unity is possible and will be more powerful. However, even in this opposition unity, a big condition has been placed on behalf of BRS and that condition is regarding the prominent leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi.

Actually, BRS does not want that like in 2019, in 2024 also the contest should be of Modi vs Rahul Gandhi. His reasoning behind this is that whenever such a narrative has been set, the opposition has suffered losses and the same happened in the last Lok Sabha elections. The BRS leader said that we are not at all comfortable with the situation where the contest is made between Modi versus Rahul Gandhi. In that case, the opposition is sure to lose. There are many leaders of the opposition, be it Nitish Kumar or Mamta Banerjee, they have a lot of experience in running the government, what has Rahul Gandhi achieved so far? He is not even formally the leader of his party yet. However, it will also be interesting that whether the Congress, which has named Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate, will accept this condition of BRS? 

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