Stop doing these things if you want healthy and Smooth hair

Sep 19 2019 08:28 PM
Stop doing these things if you want healthy and Smooth hair

If your hair is week then it may be your fault. Your mistakes only cause hair damage. Once the hair starts to fall, they do not stop. Why does this happen after all? Everyone wants their hair to be thick, beautiful and bouncy. But your mistakes make them weak. Know what causes your hair to get damaged.

Wrong eating
Hair is made of protein. Their growth and health are possible only if you take a sufficient amount of protein. The amount of protein you take, only that much protein goes to your hair. Therefore, a balanced diet is very important for hair health. When you do not pay attention to food then your hair starts falling.

Detergent based shampoo
To keep the hair beautiful, it is very important to clean them. For this, we use shampoo. But some shampoos present in the market are so hard that they harm the hair. If you look carefully, it is written on these detergent based shampoos. The chemical present in it cleans the hair but damages its health.

Not oiling
For the health of hair, oil massage on them is very important. Actually, along with protein, fat is also needed for hair which you get very little by eating. Therefore, experts recommend oil massage on hair at least twice a week. This makes hair stronger from the root and maintains a natural shine.

To stress
You may not agree, but stress is harmful to your overall health. Whenever you get stressed, your hair will start falling. Too much hair fall is also a sign that you have started taking more stress than necessary. So if you want bouncy and healthy hair then stop taking tension.

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