Mob lynching in Rajasthan’s Alwar: Shocking details reveales in postmortem report

NEW DELHI: In the recent mob lynching incident in Rajasthan’s Alwar shocking details have revealed when postmortem report is out.

According to report a witness claimed that Rakbar was physically fit when he was handed over to the police.

Naval Kishore Sharma a member of cow protection organization, said that Rakbar was sitting on two legs inside a police vehicle. He also says that his clothes were changed in the police station and was afterward he died in the police protection.

Rakbar's postmortem report was published on Tuesday which exposed that one of his hand, leg and ribs were broken. The report also claimed that His body had 12 marks of injury.

According to the reports, Naval Kishore Sharma is the man who had called to the police about the attack .He also accompanied the police for most of their three-hour journey throughout the area before Rakbar Khan was moved to the hospital.

On Friday night Akbar, along with his friend Aslam, were transporting cows to their villages in Haryana through a forest area in Ramgarh area of Alwar. Here they caught by a group of people and Aslam had managed to run away from there.

A social worker of the area, Vijay Kumar, told news agency IANS that Akbar and Aslam were taking 2 cows and 2 calves from the fields at midnight when the animals cried out, some villagers came out and beat Akbar.

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