Bathroom Scene Of 'Monalisa' Came In Front, you wouldn't be able to sleep!

Jul 13 2019 04:44 PM
Bathroom Scene Of 'Monalisa' Came In Front, you wouldn't be able to sleep!

The list of demanding actress Monalisa' is too long of her loved ones. Monalisa is making a home-to-house identity these days on TV shows, appearing in the role of Dayann in the show, winning the hearts of viewers in Mohana's role. At the moment a video of Monalisa is going viral fast on YouTube. This is the bathroom video of Monalisa in which she is seen bathing. Monalisa's video is from a film in which she looks nude. Fans on social media keep an eye on every post she posts.

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Monalisa is very active on social media. There's a long list of Monalisa seekers on Instagram. You'll also find more than one sexy photo and video from Monalisa. Monalisa also recently shared her bikini photo that went viral on social media. She also shared a dance video of herself, which her fans liked a lot.

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For your information, Monalisa has worked in more than 100 Bhojpuri films. All the films of Monalisa have also made a splash. The pair of Monalisa with Pawan Singh and Nirhua are very much liked on film screens. At the moment, Monalisa's full focus these days is on her show's eye.

Monalisa's fans are eagerly waiting for her return to Bhojpuri films. Monalisa has also sprung up in Big Boss. Salman Khan's bold and sexy incarnation of Monalisa was found on the show. After the show, Monalisa made headlines across the country.

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