Patient suffering from HIV & Syphilis along with monkeypox, nose rotting as a black wound

Monkeypox virus is increasing rapidly in the world these days and its patients is also increasing. Gradually, this disease has spread to more than 90 countries and new revelations are being made about it every day, and new symptoms are being found. Yes, at the same time, in view of its increasing danger, continuous research is also going on it. Among all these, the most shocking case of Monkeypox has come to light so far. In fact, in this case, the nose of the person suffering from Monkeypox has started rotting. It is being told that doctors are also surprised to see this patient. However, the patient is currently undergoing treatment.

According to the report, a 40-year-old man living in Germany noticed a red spot on his nose a few days ago and immediately went to the doctor and told him about the problem. In such a situation, the doctor saw the rash and said that it is sunburn, but after a few days, the condition of that person worsened and the colour of the red spot on the nose became black and it took the form of a big wound. On seeing this, his nose started rotting and after that, he again reached the doctor. When the doctors checked, pus-filled wounds were found all over his body, especially around his mouth and on his private parts, apart from the nose.

After all this happened, he was tested for Monkeypox, the report of which came positive. As soon as Monkeypox was confirmed, doctors started treating him. He was given anti-viral for relief. The doctors also conducted an STI test on him and when its report came, the problems of the doctors increased further. Indeed, both HIV and syphilis were confirmed in this patient. Syphilis has spread heavily in his organs and HIV had reached advanced AIDS in further tests.

Doctors say her skin wounds have dried up with the anti-viral drug, but it has not benefited her nose. The condition of the nose is largely the same as before. It is also being said that such a serious case of monkeypox has not been reported yet, but the reason for its severity is the patient suffering from AIDS and Syphilis.

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