Over one billion people worldwide could be poor due to corona epidemic
Over one billion people worldwide could be poor due to corona epidemic

Washington: The havoc corona virus is increasing daily in the world, becoming a big problem for people's lives. In the face of this virus havoc, there has been catastrophe in the whole world today. At the same time, more than one billion people have come under the purview of global poverty. Now half of the 39.5 million extremely poor will be from South Asia. At the same time, reports have shown that poverty level has increased rapidly in middle-income developing countries. Due to this, there can be a big change in global poverty. A large part of this will be in the developing countries of South Asia and East Asia. Millions of people live above the poverty line in these countries. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines have been mentioned in it, where the risk of poverty can be high.

The report published by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) says that the daily income of the poor around the world can go up to $ 500 million. With which, the number of poor earning $ 1.90 (Rs 144) per day can be more than one billion. Researchers have estimated the impact of the corona epidemic on the poorest sections in various scenarios, taking into account all the poverty lines of the World Bank. In this, those earning $ 1.90 to $ 5.50 per day are considered below the poverty line. In the worst case, per capita income can be reduced by 20 percent and 1.12 billion people can go below the poverty line. Researchers have appealed to global leaders to take immediate steps in this regard.

Half of the world's population can go below the poverty line: According to the information, 20 percent reduction in per capita income will increase the number of people living below the poverty line to 3.7 billion, which is more than half of the total population of the world. The report said that people of South Asia are most likely to go into extreme poverty, in which India will prove to be a big factor. After this, most people in all Sahara Africa are likely to go into extreme poverty.

Imagine ending poverty if governments didn't do anything : Andy Samner, one of the authors of the report, said that if governments don't do anything soon and don't do anything to compensate for the poor incomes, the world's poorest The future is in darkness. At the same time, it has also been said that the goals of reducing poverty will go back 20-30 years and the United Nations goal of ending poverty will remain as a fantasy.

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