Mother murders 8-month-old baby with axe

Ashoknagar: Nowadays, the increasing cases of crime are shocking to everyone. The case is of village Churri where a mother crossed the whole of the poverty. The mother has killed her 8-month-innocent only son with an axe. The first woman was reported to have taken the innocent to the main road about 70 feet away from home. After that, the mother lay the son and separated the baby's neck from the axe. The incident took place at 11 am last Saturday morning and as soon as the police got information about the incident, they started the investigation.

It has been reported that the child's grandmother wrapped her in cloth and went to Chanderi hospital and lied to the doctors. "The child has fallen from the roof," the grandmother said. After that, the doctor declared the child died. The police say the mother's mental condition is not fine. The woman is said to have been influenced by a saint. The police has informed about the case and said that Rashmi wife Laxman Lodhi was married 2 years ago. After the marriage, Rashmi lived with her husband in Indore, but, two and a half months ago, she comes back to the maiden with son Yashraj.

She was living here with her mother and sisters. On Saturday, her sister was feeding the child, but suddenly the woman took her son and cut the throat on the road. Regarding the case, Rashmi's younger sister said, "Rashmi took me out and went out to feed her. After a while, she came inside the house and said that the goat was cut off. When I went out, Yashraj was soaked with blood." The sister picked him up and asked what she did, she said, "she killed the goat. Then I briefed the mother about it. The mother took her to Chanderi hospital in the afternoon. "

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