Mother ’s Day 2019: Hilarious Quotes that will make you laugh till roll on the floor

May 11 2019 08:11 AM
Mother ’s Day 2019: Hilarious Quotes that will make you laugh till roll on the floor

Indians probably have one of the most hatke relationships with their desi moms. There are so many things that set Indian moms apart from the rest of the world's. Whether it is that one angry stare in public or their obsession with feeding us constantly, our moms have no match. Mother's Day is just around the corner and we can't help but think all those moments when our Indian moms made our lives worth living. If you are an Indian, there are a bunch of things you must have always heard your desi mom say and this Mother's day is the perfect time to recollect those memories and laugh out loud.

Here are a few things you must have heard as a child if you were raised by a desi mom:

'Pani bhar ke bottle fridge me rakha wapis?'

The minute she sees you taking the first sip of water after you come home,  you will hear her asking you refill the bottle up and keep it back into the fridge.

'Jao friend ke gharwalon ko bolo adopt kar le tumhe'

A simple "yes" or "no" is just not a desi mom thing. How many times have you heard this from your momma after you asked permission for a night out at your friend's?

'Ye sab tere phone ke wajah se hua hai!'

Whether it is a flu or even diarrhoea, the reason has to be your phone! Are you even Indian, if your mom has not once said that you?

'Tod do... sab kuch tod do'

 OMG! I've got goosebumps already. This is the next thing you hear seconds after you accidentally break something.

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'Pata nahi kya hoga is ladke/ladki ka'

 One mistake, and you have to hear this in loop for the remainder of the week -- "What will happen to your future if you keep behaving like this?" SMH.

'Uth jao 9 baj gaya hai' (When it is only 7 am)

 Don't even get me started on this. You know your mom is the best alarm clock in the world, because if you ask her to wake you up 7, she will wake you up at 6 saying it is 9 already! We've all been there.

'Sabse sundar lag rahi/raha hai beta' (Without even looking at you)

No matter what, you'll be the prettiest for your mom. Sometime, even when you genuinely need some style advice from mommy dearest, she will tell you that you look the best. Am I right or am I right?

Khud ke bacche honge, tab pata chalega

 Well, this is one reason most of us don't want kids I guess because we know what a handful we were as kids.

'Agar maine aake dhund liya, toh khair nahi hai tumhari'

Moms are blessed with magic skills, one that all of us have witnessed some point in life. After you fail to locate something that mom said was in a certain place, she walks in and...BOOM it is right there!

'Aur ek roti lo'

Mom's roti supply never ends. Desi mom's obsession with feeding kinds knows no bounds.

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