Mount Everest is empty due to COVID-19 hit on tourism sector
Mount Everest is empty due to COVID-19 hit on tourism sector

Nepal which believed the tourism industry has become the lifeline for the country, the industry has grown incredibly fast  appropriately say as too fast, attracted too many mountain climbers created a human traffic jam of hundreds of hikers in puffy jackets snarled a trail to the top of Mount Everest was hit worst this year. 

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Last year, the tourism industry brought in more than $2 billion revenue to Nepal, one of Asia’s poorest nations, and employed 1 million people, from porters to pilots. The pandemic has ceased all of that. The Himalayas gives deserted look, including those leading up to Everest Base Camp. The immigration officials said, lesser than 150 climbers have arrived this fall season, which was in thousands last year. Sherpas, mountain guides are planting barley or graze yaks across the empty slopes to survive. Many Nepali people fear that the combined effect of the coronavirus and the worst blow to the economy could pull the nation back for years.

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Sujit Kumar Shrestha, the general secretary of Nepal’s Association of Foreign Employment Agencies said, "If the world does not get a corona vaccine soon, our remittances, which contribute around 30% to the national GDP, will completely dry up". In 2019, Nepal's economy grows faster than India at nearly 6%. 2019 has seen 1 million tourists, each person spending $50 a day on average. Atleast 800,000 people employed in the tourism industry will lose theri jobs. 

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