People eat cups after drinking tea here, reason is very interesting

In today's time, there are many people who are most fond of tea. By the way, if you are also included in this list, then today we are going to tell you about such a tea seller, where people eat cups while drinking tea. Yes, you must not believe it, but it is true. Yes, you will find this tea seller on the side of the road of Model Road of Shahdol district headquarters. The name of this tea shop built here is 'Alhad Kulhad'.

The owner of this shop is two friends from the city, named Rinku Arora and Piyush Kushwaha. The two have started this tea shop together. Both of them have studied together and this is a kind of startup for them. The cup in which they give tea here is eaten after drinking tea. In fact, both of them have also given their slogans - 'Drink tea, eat cups' (Chai Piyo, Cup Kha Jao). However, the question now arises as to how one can eat a good cup. So let us tell you, this tea shop can be eaten at all.

In fact, this cup is made of biscuit wafers, not glass, ceramics or plastic. That is why you can also eat that cup of tea after drinking tea at their shop. The price of this cup of tea is only Rs. 20. Rinku Arora, speaking to a website explaining the merits of his concept, said, "We are serving tea in a biscuit cup. It will save the environment as well as help keep the city garbage-free. Now the discussion of this shop is everywhere.''

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