Mulayam Yadav came in support of Azam Khan, to launch campaign in his favour
Mulayam Yadav came in support of Azam Khan, to launch campaign in his favour

Mulayam Singh Yadav, the patron of the Samajwadi Party, has come out in defense of his party leader and MP Azam Khan. Addressing reporters at the Samajwadi Party office in Lucknow after almost two years, Mulayam said that Azam fought for the poor. With the help of money, Jauhar University was established in Rampur, in which students from abroad study. I and my colleagues have also been supported in this. A person who buys hundreds of bighas of land cannot dishonor one and a half to two bighas of land. He said that I will talk to SP leaders and prepare the outline of the movement.

In his statement, Mulayam Singh said that some BJP leaders are also angry with the action being taken against Azam. Refusing to name those leaders, he said that he would also meet Prime Minister Modi on Azam's issue if needed. We will not tolerate oppression on Azam Khan. Keeping away from contentious issues like Jammu and Kashmir and BSP alliance, Mulayam appealed to journalists to write in favor of Azam. He described Azam as honest and the leader of the country.

Apart from this, in his statement, he further said that Azam Khan has gone out of struggle. He has also invested the amount of MLA quota in the university. Mulayam appealed to all the Samajwadi Party workers and leaders of the state and said that everyone should be ready against the way Azam Khan is being humiliated. There will be agitation in the entire state and I will lead this movement myself. All the cases were also falsely leveled against me. I have lived in a dozen jails. Mulayam appealed to the media to write against Azam Khan in protest against revenge, to carry forward the news.

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