This week is crucial for Mumbai, Covid Task Force expresses concern

Mumbai: New corona cases in Mumbai and Maharashtra witnessed a sharp decline on Monday. This is being attributed to the low test figure in a week. According to Maharashtra covid task force, this week is very important in terms of corona cases. This could be a good sign if the trend of cases declining continues this week. However, nothing can be said clearly because of low testing. There is also a possibility of an increase in cases when testing is increased.

The same Monday was a good day for Mumbaikars. Twice as many patients were discharged from the hospital as compared to the new corona cases and not a single new omicron patient was found. On Monday, 33,470 corona patients were found in the state, out of which 13,648 are from Mumbai. 27,214 patients were discharged in Mumbai. More than 70 per cent more patients have been discharged on Monday as compared to Sunday.

After 20,000 new patients in Mumbai for three consecutive days, the figure was below 20,000 on Sunday. On Monday, it fell by one-third. However, the reason is said to be less testing. There has been a reduction of 9,000 testing on Monday as compared to Sunday. Seven persons died due to corona in Mumbai on Sunday, which came down to 5 on Monday. Patients without symptoms also increased on Monday. In the last 2 days, 82 per cent of the patients were without symptoms, on Monday, 83 per cent of the patients were found without symptoms. More than 1,000 patients were being admitted to the hospital every day for a few days. More than 100 of them were requiring oxygen. On Monday, 798 patients had to be admitted to the hospital, out of which only 46 needed oxygen.

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