Mumbai: Two arrested with charas worth over Rs 60 lakh

Mumbai: The Anti-Narcotics Cell of the Mumbai police apprehended two people in the Dharavi district of central Mumbai on Saturday for alleged possession of charas (cannabis) valued over Rs 60 lakh, officials said.

Sunil Nayak (45), a Rajasthan resident, and Nevaji Aliman Miya (60), a Bihar resident, were apprehended by the Anti-Narcotics Cell’s Bandra section on Friday night while patrolling the neighbourhood, according to an official.

He stated the suspects were loitering suspiciously near a bus stop in Dharavi Koliwada. He said, the police found 2.025 kg of charas worth Rs 60.75 lakh from the two.

According to the official, investigations indicated that the accused were actively involved in drug trafficking in the city and suburbs.

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