Muslim mob surrounded Hindus and attacked with weapons

Ahmedabad: People who had gathered at a temple in Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat to pay homage to Kishan Bharwad after his killing in Gujrat are also being reported to have been attacked by a Muslim mob. According to local reports, on Sunday night, some Hindu people had gathered at the Ramji temple, where a Muslim mob surrounded them with weapons and then assaulted them.

According to the complaint filed by Raju Rathwa, someone Anas Makrani hit him with an iron rod behind him. Similarly, Maniyar Zeeshan allegedly attacked a boy named Rahul with an iron pipe on his head. After this, there has also been informed of assault with Smit Singh Chauhan. After Kishan's murder, some other youths in Chhota Udaipur were also accused of sharing a post that would hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. However, these posts were deleted from social media following a complaint with the police, despite which the Muslim youths attacked.

Cases have been registered against both groups in this regard and some arrests have also been made. Police have instructed everyone not to hurt anyone's religious sentiments. According to the media report, two minor boys had shared the post on WhatsApp, which enraged the Muslim youth and claimed that the said post had hurt their religious sentiments. The Hindu boys were then asked to delete the post, but despite this, the matter escalated on Sunday and when Hindus gathered at the temple to pay homage to Kishan, they were attacked by an armed Muslim mob. During this time, they had weapons like iron rods. A total of 40 people have been booked in the dispute between the two sides. Seven of them have been taken into custody.

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