Muslim woman who went shopping with Hindu husband was molested by fundamentalists

Lucknow: In the last few days, there have been many such incidents where a Muslim girl was seen with her Hindu friend and was publicly abused and beaten up. All this is being done to counter the cases of love jihad, earlier it was said that there is no jihad in love, all this is a lie. But when, one after another, cases of conversion and murder of Hindu girls started coming to light, a lie was being spread against the fact that Hindu boys trap Muslim girls and then exploit them. However, there is probably no case of a Hindu man marrying a Muslim woman, then changing her religion, torturing her, or killing her. Yet, Muslim girls and their non-Muslim male friends are being stopped and beaten up on the streets by radical mobs.  

Now the latest case has come to light from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. In Moradabad, a burqa-clad woman went shopping with her Hindu husband, which angered Islamic fundamentalists. The Muslim youths first misbehaved with the woman, when the husband opposed it, the accused also assaulted them. The incident took place in Bilari town of Moradabad. Its video is also going viral, which is being told on Monday (May 22, 2023). The girl has also lodged a complaint with the police in this regard. The UP Police has registered an FIR on this basis and started action. This is the second such incident in Moradabad in the last five days, where a Muslim girl and a non-Muslim girl were beaten up by Islamic fundamentalists after seeing them with her.

In the latest case, the victim lives in a village and is a nurse. She works in a private hospital in Bilari. She was having an affair with Akash, who lives in the neighbouring village. After which both of them got married in court. However, both of them have not publicly disclosed this marriage due to fear of threats. Surrounded the woman at the tailor's shop, Muslim youths asked, 'What are you doing to a man of another religion by being a Muslim?'

After this, he also started making videos of it. Molesed when he protested. Along with this, those Muslim youths also blackmailed and said that if she gives 4600 rupees, her video will not be made viral, it will be deleted. The video was uploaded on social media and indecent comments were made on it. The woman said that she was an adult and had gone with her husband on her own free will. SP (Rural) Sandeep Kumar Meena has said that the accused will be arrested soon.

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