This policy was implemented to prevent coronavirus in MWC 2020 event
This policy was implemented to prevent coronavirus in MWC 2020 event

China is adopting different methods to prevent Corona's havoc. Apart from China, many countries are taking steps to protect against viruses. Keeping this in mind, no handshake policy has been implemented in the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona this month. The organizers of the program say that Corona has not seen havoc here but as a precaution it has already been here Has been implemented. Since the corona virus is believed to be spread due to coming into contact with each other, due to this, these things are already being controlled here. According to DailyMail's report, the handshake policy has been implemented.

According to media reports, the World Mobile Congress is being held in Barcelona between 24-27 February 2020 this month. At present, LG company has refused to participate in this program. Korean company LG has also talked of holding separate events in the near future to announce its latest gadgets. Experts fear that it may 'affect Domino' and other key players are repulsed by the incident. Can be seen, which is one of the major dates in the technology industry calendar. The death toll from coronavirus outbreaks has been steadily increasing, with Chinese authorities reporting around 500 deaths and more than 24,500 infections.

The GSM Association has reacted to the event, saying that coronavirus has 'minimal impact on the event thus' and that it has taken care. Announced onsite signals to encourage its expected one million participants to follow.

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