No one knows about this mysterious city of Mexico called as 'Place of God'

Mar 12 2020 06:12 PM
No one knows about this mysterious city of Mexico called as 'Place of God'

There are many such mysteries on the earth, which are no less than a challenge to solve. However, as often as scientists or researchers constantly try to solve these mysteries, they also get entangled in it. Today we are going to tell you about a similar mystery. This mystery is in Mexico, which is called 'Place of God'. This place contains so many secrets in itself that you will also be surprised to know. This place is known as Teotihuacan City. The city is a ruin of pyramids. In the 14th century, this place was discovered by the people of the Aztecs empire and they named it Teotihuacan city. Before that this place used to have no name.

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Aztecs felt that this city had mysteriously appeared on its own. This place remains a mystery even today, who built it, when it was built, why it was built and who lived here. There is no information about this place in any book or anywhere else. However, according to an estimate, there will be 25 thousand people living in this mysterious city, because it is spread over a large area.

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According to the information, this city is constructed from the urban grid system, exactly the same as that of New York City in America. There is another information about this city, which makes it very mysterious and that is that many human bones have been found inside a pyramid here. It is believed that humans will be sacrificed at that place.

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