Snakes injured during road construction, doctor came and...

Dec 02 2019 01:29 PM
Snakes injured during road construction, doctor came and...

There was an incident in Fatehabad in Haryana that touched the heart. Be it humans or animals. Everyone understands the language of love very well. This case also tells the story of this unique love. The matter is related to the snakes. A snake was injured in an incident. People wanted the snake to run away from there, but she did not go without taking the male snake with her. Death does not interfere with love! This case tells the story of this. It happened that work is going on for road construction in the New Prabhakar Colony of Tohana. On Sunday, 1 December, some workers were digging there.

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During this time, his shovel started going to the snake sitting inside the soil. Nag was badly injured by this. At that time there was a snake. Seeing Nag injured, the serpent got angry and when people tried to drive him away from there, but he did not bother from there. She started huffing after seeing people. Seeing the anger of the snake, the people present there got scared. Later someone called snake specialist Dr. Gopi. The serpent is also lying on the veterinary doctor who is being treated.

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There was a chance when the snake came to pounce on the doctor. However, the snake's ointment was bandaged and left in a safe place. The serpent also went away with the snake. People were surprised to see this incident. It is said that at first people thought of killing them in fear, but then changed their mind. snakes were delivered to a safe place.

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