Nagpur: a son committed suicide after his mother died from corona

Jun 14 2021 03:30 PM
Nagpur: a son committed suicide after his mother died from corona

Nagpur: The second wave of corona virus has wreaked havoc across the country. In many families, people lost their lives due to the epidemic and could not arrange beds and oxygen in hospitals for their loved ones. There were also cases when another member died of corona infection in the house. A similar incident has been reported in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

A youth living in MIDC area of Nagpur committed suicide after his mother died of corona. The mother of the 23-year-old died of corona infection a few days ago. According to police, the young man, saddened by the mother's departure, hanged himself to death. He also wrote a suicide note in which he wrote his pain. The police officer said the youth had an engineering degree. Before passing away from Corona, the young man's mother ran the mess from home and rented out two rooms. The young man's mother was also infected in the second wave of corona, after which she died.

"The young man's mother passed away last month," said an official at the MIDC police station. This made the young man  was upset. He died on Sunday afternoon hanging from the fan of the room. A suicide note was also recovered from him. In that note, the young man writes that he wants to serve his mother.'

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