Nancy Pelosi declares her willingness to re-run as a US House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi declares her willingness to re-run as a US House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has expressed her willingness to continue her term as a speaker if the Democrats win majority of the chamber in the US election 2020. During her recent interview with a news agency, the reporters has asked her about the plans to re-run the lead as a speaker, she declared her willingness. 

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She further added that she will anyhow be hoping for an agreement after the November 03 elections, regardless of who takes over the White House. Regarding the pandemic financial aid, she said she is expecting to see a deal for another round of federal financial aid amid the novel coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible. About coronavirus relief plan, she said  the Trump administration is reviewing the latest proposal of the COVID-19 relief package. And she is expecting a positive response from her opposition party by Monday. 

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The President and the Speakers are good appreciators, as she has been an open critique of the current US President Donald Trump and the President also poking fun of the Speaker often. In recent times, the two have recently been clashing about the proposed COVID-19 relief package, which Pelosi complains of the stubborness from the Trump's side but President, however, is blaming Pelosi for the day claiming she has been uncooperative. 

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