Narendra Dagar and Aayush Rana’s Plan to Take Over The B2B Space With "FirstBox"

Feb 11 2021 03:05 PM
Narendra Dagar and Aayush Rana’s Plan to Take Over The B2B Space With

Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar are two of the most prominent youth figures coming out from the shadows and delivering great ideas and excellent implementation. At just 23 years of age, Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar have gathered an audience of a combined total of around 50 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. Aayush Rana has an audience of 20 million followers on Facebook alone, and he uses it to run campaigns for various brands from time to time.

Both Aayush and Narendra started making money at very young ages. Narendra Dagar had to work to support his family, which is why he has been earning money online since 15 years of age, and he started to gain a lot of credibility online since he was 18. That's when he started making seven figures monthly. Aayush has a keen interest in programming since his childhood, and as soon as he reached class 11th, he had created many websites. Soon, he founded various entertainment and tech news sites like FoxExclusive, Today in Bermuda, and many more. He also KR Media, which is a very successful digital marketing agency.

Aayush Rana And Narendra Dagar’s Plans Regarding FirstBox 

Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar plan to launch their B2B store by the fourth quarter of 2021. Unlike other B2B e-commerce stores in the country, the best thing about FirstBox by Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar is that it does not markup the price of goods being sold on its platform. They will, however, have very nominal paid membership fees, and that's it! This makes it quite different from other online e-commerce stores that have attached various kinds of costs at the seller's and the buyer's end. This is what keeps them from being used by every vendor and consumer. We can say that Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar deserve where they are and a much brighter future. 

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