Vice President Venkaiah Naidu about women's safety, says, 'There is a weakness in our system..."
Vice President Venkaiah Naidu about women's safety, says, 'There is a weakness in our system...

On Monday, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu described the recent atrocities against women and girls as 'worrying and shameful' and said that it is not enough to just bring a bill to deal with the problem, political will is needed to eliminate social evils. He said that when girls go out, they are usually asked to be vigilant and come back before the sun sets, but the time has come that we should warn our boys.

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At a conference organized by FICCI here, the Vice President said that the recent incidents of social discrimination or gender discrimination or atrocities against girls are really worrisome. We have to deal with the matter effectively, bringing the law is not enough. He said, 'I often say that in our country, there is a weakness in our system that whenever something happens, people say bring a bill.'

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Incidents of rape against women have been seen all over the country. Recently, a case of rape by a woman in Hyderabad who was burnt alive. After this, the Hyderabad police killed the 4 accused in an encounter. Apart from this, he said that political will and administrative skills are needed to eliminate social evils. The Vice President said that what is happening is shameful. The need to give value-based education and the need is to keep values like patience, honesty, respect, tolerance, and sympathy in mind.

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