This unique jungle animal was seen walking in the mall of Delhi
This unique jungle animal was seen walking in the mall of Delhi

There is an atmosphere of lockdown across the country. In 21 days of lockdown, where people are quarantined in the houses, wild animals are freed and traveling in urban areas. While dolphins are jumping in the sea of Mumbai, wild cats were seen roaming on the road in Kerala. In Chandigarh and Haridwar, animals like sambar are seen on the road. Apart from this, elephants are seen roaming in urban areas in Assam, Uttarakhand and South India.

The coronavirus crisis has engulfed the world. Under this, there is a complete lockdown situation in India. More good things are coming out in 21 days of lockdown. First of all, the wall between the world of forest and humans is seen falling because the machines are silent, the roads are deserted. The whole country is still in Sannte. With this silence, animals have started coming towards the cities, the birds whose tweet was not heard are now being heard. This sign was seen on Friday evening. Actually, a wild animal arrived at GIP Mall in Noida. Nilgai roaming in the woods has been seen visiting the mall.

Many people are getting reactions on social media, in which it is said that nature is coming back to mark its place. On social media, the user wrote, "A few days ago, people were roaming freely and animals were lying somewhere and today animals are free and people are lying in their homes."

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