Do these 5 Things To Keep Yourself Fit

Aug 29 2019 09:28 PM
Do these 5 Things To Keep Yourself Fit

You don't know what to do to stay fit. You also do yoga and do a variety of exercises. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave Fitness a key place in his goals and launched the 'Fit India' campaign on Thursday. If you also want to stay fit and hit, you can be a part of this Fit India movement. Today is National Sports Day too, so let's tell you a few simple ways to keep yourself fit forever.

* The most important thing is to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. No matter how busy you may be, never miss the breakfast. After getting up in the morning, have breakfast within 2 hours. Breakfast you can also take heavy as it is the first mile of the morning.

* It is important to keep the body active if you want to stay fit. There is no need to go to the gym every day. Walk 2 km in the morning or race. It will benefit a lot. Besides running or walking regularly, do a light exercise. This will continue if you exercise for 15-15 minutes a week 4 days a week. Also, make sure that you use stairs whenever you walk or run or come back. Do not use the lift.

* Stay away from fried things. At the same time, if you remove sweets from the diet, you will be benefited. You may not be sure, but if you give up sweets, you will lose 3-4 kg of weight in a month and other ailments will be avoided.

* Eat something every 2-3 hours, but be sure to be small miles. You can also eat two biscuits or 4-5 almonds or a banana or any other fruit. Just make sure that these little miles are not fried or sweet.

* Keep a record of whatever you eat daily. This means to keep in mind how many calories you've taken and what you ate. It will also help you plan your physical exercise, which will have a positive impact on fitness.

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