The tea leaves left after tea are beneficial for health and beauty

Everyone is crazy about tea. You do get benefits from this, but if you drink it more then you can also suffer loss. That's when it comes to planting, it's very beneficial for you. But the tea leaves that you throw after making the tea can be used to enhance your beauty. Many physical problems can also be overcome. The remaining tea leaves can also yield many miraculous benefits. Today we are going to tell the benefits of the same.

Dark Circle
There are dark black marks under the eyes or swelling under the eyes, use the remaining tea leaf. If you drink tea with tea bags, keep the cold and wet tea bags on your eyes. The caffeine present in it relieves eye pain, swelling and dark endurings.

Tea leaves protect the skin from sunburn. Sunburn has become stained on the skin, so dip the tee bag in cold water to remove it. Hold it on the face for a while by pressing lightly.

Bring glow in Rough Hair
If the hair is too dry, tea leaves are a natural medicinal treatment to remove the dryness and bring shine to it. If you use it, the hair will shine. It works as quite a good conditioner for hair. Put the tea leaves in water and boil for 15 minutes. Cool the water. Then shampoo the hair. Wash your hair with water. Once the hair is clean, apply teapot water on the hair and wash the hair with clean water after 10 minutes.

stinks away
Some people's feet smell too much after wearing shoes. Especially during the summer season, you can use tea leaves. Put the tea leaf in water and boil. Cool the water. Insert it into the bucket. Keep your feet dipped for a while. Doing so will remove the stench of the feet.

Beneficial for plants
Instead of throwing the remaining tea leaves into the dustbin after making the tea, pour it into the pot where you have planted the plants. It works as a compost. This makes the plants bloom quite well.

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