Speaking on National Immunization Day, CM Shivraj 'Like polio has been thrown...'
Speaking on National Immunization Day, CM Shivraj 'Like polio has been thrown...'

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, no one is able to escape the fury of corona these days. From the common man to the politician, everyone is under the grip of this havoc. To avoid this scourge, scientists have invented the vaccine. Today, when it is national immunization day, the state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has made his point through a tweet. He has made a tweet and asked everyone to stay together. In a tweet, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan wrote: "Today is national immunization day. Just as we have all succeeded in making the vaccination campaign against polio a success and throw it out of the country, it will now have to be with full strength and strength for the vaccination of covid-19. We will all unite and try and win in a conceived manner.''


Besides him, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has also tweeted. In a tweet, he said, "Vaccine is the safety kavach" greetings to all of you on national immunization day. 'Let us all together resolve on the occasion of National Immunization Day that the corona vaccine will definitely be vaccinated and inspire others also. India to win, defeat corona.'



The country celebrated National immunization day on the 16th of March of every year. In fact, according to history, the National Immunization Day was celebrated for the first time on 16th March 1995. On the same day, the first dose of polio vaccine was given through the mouth in India in the year 1995. During that, the Pulse Polio campaign was launched to root out polio.

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