Sidhu may be out of Punjab cabinet
Sidhu may be out of Punjab cabinet

Amritsar: The month of July and the heat is continuing in Punjab. Power is going on for 10 to 12 hours in many villages of the province. The common man is in a state of disrepair with power cuts, but Punjab Power Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu is missing from his office. It's been a month since the electricity department gave him, but Sidhu did not turn to his office. The government has given a placard to his name outside his office, but Sidhu is missing.

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In the summer season, complaints have caused confusion in the office of the Electricity Department, but the power minister's office is deserted. The bases set up for the people are lying vacant and the door to the minister's office is closed. Sidhu's non-appearance has put the Opposition in the hands of a big issue. Punjab's opposition party Akali Dal-BJP and AAP are starting dharna stakes on power.

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Aman Arora, a legislator from Punjab, said, "It is extremely unfortunate. Whatever may have been the regime of Navjot Singh Sidhu in the local body department, he should take over when he has been given the responsibility. Even after the availability of electricity in Punjab, there is a considerable cut, which is grossly wrong. The price of electricity in Punjab is the highest as compared to other states," he said.


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