'All my allegations against Sameer Wankhede are true,' Nawab Malik's affidavit in HC

Mumbai: Nawab Malik vs Sameer Wankhede's battle has now reached the Bombay High Court. Wankhede's father has filed a defamation case against Malik. The first hearing, in that case, has also been held and Nawab Malik also made his claim. The court had now asked Nawab Malik to give an affidavit during the first hearing.

Now that affidavit had to confirm that the allegations made by Malik were correctly verified. Now Nawab Malik has submitted that important affidavit to the court. He has emphasized that from Wankhede's birth certificate to the wedding document, every document was verified by him first. Nawab Malik says there are two parts to my affidavit.

He said the first part relates to Wankhede's birth certificate and the first marriage Nikahnama. The other part contains information about the tweets I shared on social media. The birth certificate is said to have a record with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. That's where the first wedding papers they got through a relative of Wankhede's first wife. Apart from all this, the affidavit clearly says that Nawab Malik is also adamant on his allegations and considers all documents to be absolutely accurate.

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