Rani is returning to Kaustubham in this episode of Neelakkuyil
Rani is returning to Kaustubham in this episode of Neelakkuyil

In a recent episode of Malayalam's well-known serial Nilakkakkayil, the captain and Balan appear to be discussing Rani. With this Balan suggests that Adi Rani should not request to return to Kaustubham. At Radhilayam, Sharan calls the queen to give her information about Masi's case. He accuses the queen of not responding well to him. The queen, who was already troubled by household issues, is seen tearing her eyes.

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In the meantime, Sharath and Radhamani meet Rani. They ask him the reason for his divorce from Adi. The queen replies that she will tell it at the right time. Later, the queen gets upset about how she will tell the truth to everyone that Kasturi is the reason behind it. He is also shocked that Adi is not understanding him. The next morning, Rani leaves to leave the house, Amma stops her and needs to return to Kaustubham. She assures the queen that everything can be resolved soon.

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Later, Rani goes to the temple and meets Sarojini there. She decides to return to Kaustubham with him. Meanwhile, Rani notices Swati with her friend and suspects him. Rani reaches Kaustubham and tells everyone about Swati. Hearing this, Chandramani flares up on the queen. On the other hand, Adhuri decides to become more close to Kasturi in order to provoke the queen. He hugs Kasturi and pretends to be in love with her. The queen takes note of it and is shattered.

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