Netanyahu Places Call to PM Modi: India Stands Solidly with Israel During Ongoing Conflict
Netanyahu Places Call to PM Modi: India Stands Solidly with Israel During Ongoing Conflict

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered reassurance and support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, following a phone conversation initiated by the Israeli leader. In a statement posted on a social media platform, Modi expressed India's resolute condemnation of terrorism in all its manifestations.

"Prime Minister @netanyahu, I extend my gratitude for your call and for providing an update on the current situation. The people of India stand firmly with Israel during this challenging period, unequivocally condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations," Prime Minister Modi conveyed.

India was among the first nations to openly declare its support for Israel while condemning the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians that occurred on Saturday.

Relentless Israeli Airstrikes Continue in Gaza

On Tuesday, Israel continued its relentless airstrikes on downtown Gaza City, intensifying its mobilization of reservists. Israeli forces reported regaining control of the southern region and the breached border following a weekend attack. The Israeli military claimed to have discovered the remains of 1,500 Hamas militants within their territory, with reports in Israeli media suggesting that approximately 360,000 reservists had been called to the border.

The Israeli military also confirmed conducting airstrikes on multiple targets within the densely populated Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City. This upscale district houses government ministries controlled by Hamas, universities, media organizations, and humanitarian aid agencies.

Israeli PM Promises Retaliation with Far-Reaching Consequences

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged retaliation against the Hamas militant group that would have lasting repercussions. In a televised address, he stated, "Our actions against Hamas have only just begun."

Netanyahu went on to say, "What we will do to our adversaries in the days to come will echo through generations." The Israeli military reported a death toll exceeding 900 on their side, while authorities in Gaza and the West Bank reported 704 casualties, including hundreds of Hamas fighters. Thousands have been injured on both sides of the conflict.

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