Netflix's latest feature will automatically download shows

Feb 23 2021 04:54 PM
Netflix's latest feature will automatically download shows

The online streaming platform Netflix has launched a new feature that will automatically download TV shows or movies based on subscribers' preferences and viewing history.

This feature will help in easy access to the content of their internet. According to the report, the new feature called 'Downloads For You' was made available to Netflix's Android app globally starting February 22, after the company tested it out with select users in late 2020. The company also said it will test out Downloads For You in the iOS version of its app soon.

Three years ago, the online streaming platform unveiled Smart Downloads, an offline-viewing feature that pulls in the next episode of users' favourite shows. Now it is trying to get users hooked by proactively showing the content to their smartphone or tablet so it is available to watch even if they are disconnected. The company also said that most, not all, content in its catalogue is available to be downloaded and watched offline, with some exceptions based on licensing rights.

In order to To enable the feature, users must go to the Downloads tab on the app and switch on Downloads For You. Then they can choose the maximum amount of content they want downloaded. 

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