Things You Should Never Search For On Google, read here

Sep 17 2019 11:32 AM
Things You Should Never Search For On Google, read here

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. we do Google search easily in our smartphone, laptop, tab. Provided that these devices have internet access. From food recipe to favorite song lyrics, Google search is our support. In such a situation, Google search has become a part of our everyday life. Sometimes, some such things are also unconsciously searched on Google, which later prove to be harmful for us. Today we are going to tell you about 10 such things, for which Google search should not be used.

Online banking website : You will also be aware that in times of digital transactions, we often search the bank's website and URL to use online banking service on Google. Whenever using online banking service, enter the URL of the official website of the bank. The URL of the official website of the bank is mentioned in the document issued by the bank. If you do a Google search for online banking, then links of many fishing sites can also be revealed. If you click on these links, you will see a portal like your bank's website. Here, as soon as you enter your banking details, it can be caught by hackers and huge amount can be withdrawn from your account.

Customer care number of the company: To complain about the product, we mostly search the customer care or helpline number of a company on Google. Hackers promote fake helpline numbers of companies in Google search, due to which you can find fake helpline number as soon as you search customer care number in Google. As soon as you call this number, your personal information can be accessed by hackers. In this case, you should always use the helpline number mailed on the product or the helpline number given on the company's official website.

App or Software : In Google search, we often search for any app or software. Google search can also sometimes contain phishing or fake apps and software that can harm our device. In this case, we should download the app from Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Also, the software should be downloaded only through the company's official website.

Medical prescription

On falling ill many times, we search medicine based on the symptoms of the disease in Google. Doing so can be harmful for us. If you are sick, always contact the doctor and use only the medicines prescribed by them.

Personal Finance and Stock Market Advice: Searching on Google should not take the advice of Serious Finance and Stock Market. We do not find any authentic or reliable source by searching Google. In such a situation, you may have to bear loss in any kind of financial transaction.

Government website : These days, hackers are also promoting duplicate website of government website and portal. Many users can easily fall prey to these fake websites. At the end of the official website is definitely Mentioned. Open any government website just by looking at the web address.

Social media website : Apart from government website, social media website is also an easy target for hackers. In such a situation, open the social media website by entering the URL, otherwise your personal information may be leaked.

E-commerce : Nowadays we use e-commerce website for shopping. In this case, hackers promote fake portals of these e-commerce sites. If you enter your card details to do shopping, the information can reach the hackers and you may have to bear financial loss.

Anti-virus : We should not search on anti-virus as well. Instead of anti virus, you can accidentally download software containing viruses. Because of which your computer or device may be damaged.

Coupon Codes : We often search coupon codes for cashback and gifts. If you search coupon codes on Google, many times fake codes will come up. Your banking information can be stolen as soon as you use these fake promo codes or coupon codes for shopping.

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