New deadly corona variant may be caused by deer, shocking revelation in study
New deadly corona variant may be caused by deer, shocking revelation in study

New Delhi: Deer can potentially cause humans to fall prey to a new variant of the coronavirus. Scientists have warned about this. At least three variants of the virus have been detected in wild white-tailed deer. Research has been conducted in Ohio, USA, which suggests that animals can act as a 'reservoir' for viruses and reveal more deadly variants.

The new variants of Covid, which are emerging all over the world, have added to the panic. Recently Omicron variant is causing havoc, which spreads quite rapidly. Professor Andrew Bowman, senior author of the research at Ohio State University, explained, 'Based on evidence from other studies, we know that deer can be a victim of viruses in the forest. In the laboratory, we can infect deer and this can cause the virus to spread from deer to other deer.' He said, 'We are assuming that if they are infected in the forest. In this case, if a virus remains within them, they can infect humans with new variants of SARS-CoV-2. Three variants found in deer have been detected in one-third of the samples taken from 360 animals.'

There is evidence of the spread of the virus among deer. This shows that they can bring out more deadly variants. Samples were taken from deer between January and March 2021. Neither delta variant nor any other variant was detected during this time. This was followed by shocking results from genome sequences. The variants found in deer were similar to those found in local corona patients. The appearance of virus variants indicates that they can be present inside wild deer. It is yet to be ascertained how the deer was infected, or how the virus treats the animal body.

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