PM Modi Accuses Congress and JMM of Corruption and Public Wealth Theft
PM Modi Accuses Congress and JMM of Corruption and Public Wealth Theft

Jamshedpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fresh attack on the Congress and its ally, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), accusing them of hindering development and aiming to "steal" public wealth.

Speaking at a large rally in Jamshedpur, PM Modi criticized the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi for allegedly planning a nationwide wealth redistribution scheme if elected. He claimed their true intention is to misappropriate public assets.

"The Congress and JMM don't understand development. They spread lies and have a hidden agenda to seize the assets of the poor under the guise of wealth redistribution. They want to take away the reservations guaranteed for SCs, STs, and OBCs. They insult me daily but offer no real solutions. Their true motives are now clear to the nation," Modi stated.

He referred to a recent cash recovery from a residence linked to Congress leader Alamgir Alam's aide, accusing the Congress and JMM of consistently exploiting Jharkhand.

"The Congress and JMM have filled their coffers with black money by robbing the poor. They have plundered Jharkhand at every chance. Congress is synonymous with corruption. When people think of Jharkhand now, they visualize stacks of cash," Modi added.

Modi vowed to reclaim and return all stolen money to the public. "The JMM has committed land scams, taking land from poor tribals and the army. The money recovered from their homes is yours. I'm retrieving it to return to you, not to fill government coffers. This is my promise," he affirmed.

The Prime Minister also criticized Rahul Gandhi for opposing business leaders and investors, labeling them as enemies of the state. "The Congress attacks our entrepreneurs and wealth creators. Their leaders condemn businesses that don't support them financially, ignoring the importance of industries and youth welfare," Modi asserted.

He added, "Rahul Gandhi opposes business houses and investors, discouraging investment in states governed by the Congress. Investors tell me they avoid these states due to the hostile attitude towards wealth creation. They are insulted and mistreated. Investors fear that Rahul’s negative views influence his allies too."

PM Modi further accused Congress of prioritizing family interests over public service. "Rahul fled Wayanad to contest in Raebareli, invoking its connection to his mother. Even a child knows not to call his school his father's just because he studied there. Jharkhand must reject parties that serve only their families," he said.

In the upcoming elections, Raebareli is a key battleground. Rahul Gandhi faces a strong challenge from BJP's Dinesh Pratap Singh, with the BJP aiming to take over this Congress stronghold. Sonia Gandhi, who has represented Raebareli since 2004, vacated the seat earlier this year.

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