Twitter will soon offer more context about unavailable tweets

Jul 21 2019 02:30 PM
Twitter will soon offer more context about unavailable tweets

The microblogging site Twitter is rolling out a new feature to make the public conversion more transparent on its platform. This feature will tell all users why a thread Tweet is missing. The feature is said to be available in a few weeks and will provide more information about conversions, making it easier for users to understand them. This means that instead of 'this tweet is unavailable' in the thread, users will also see the reason for its disappearance. Let's know the full details

For your information, Twitter has often noticed that some Tweets from the conversion are missing. It's often difficult to understand what people are talking about and Confucianism because of low information. Also, this sometimes makes people choose to have a certain meaning of conversion. Now the new feature will try to explain the context of The Twitter Conversion and explain the reason for the disappearance of tweets to avoid Confucianism.

These reasons don't appear to be in a situation where posts or Tweets disappear, Twitter just shows a notice saying, 'This tweet is unavailable.'. However, after the feature is rolled out, the same notice will be displayed to users as well as the reasons for the disappearance of the tweet and the rest of the details. Users on the platform will be told that the Tweet has been deleted, the person's account is protected, or the Tweet contains a keyword that you've blocked. Other users will also be able to find out the obvious reason why they don't see the Tweet.

According to media reports, Twitter is testing the new feature for missing Tweets, as well as new labels for Twitter conversions. In particular, the company plans to show the 'microphone' icon next to the profile photo of the original Tweeter, the 'Z' icon next to the tag user's tweet in the post, and the checkmark icon with the tweets of the people following the original tweet. Twitter has said that the feature associated with missing Tweets will be available to all globally users in the next few weeks. On the other hand, the company has not yet revealed when the labels will be rolled out for everyone.

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