Instagram will now warn users before your account gets deleted

Jul 21 2019 12:36 PM
Instagram will now warn users before your account gets deleted

Photo-video sharing platform Instagram is now warning users' accounts with a notification before deactivating or deleting them. Instagram is giving users this warning because of Community Violations. The Company owned by Facebook has changed its policy. The account of users who share objectionable content on this platform is now being disabled. If, any type of content that users share on this platform is against Community Guidelines, their users' accounts are being disabled. Instagram will first warn users who break Community Guidelines, even after they share similar content from their account on the platform, their account will be disabled on a permanent one. Let's know the full details

According to Instagram's new account disabled policy, the account of any user will be disabled once the guidelines are broken. Currently, Instagram users' accounts are disabled after sharing content against certain rules. This new Instagram policy is designed to keep users connected to their platforms. Earlier, the account was disabled without warning.

For your information, under the new policy, users are notified that their account is currently in risk and that the account can be deleted if the policy is broken. After rolling out this new policy, users will now see notifications as well as posts that are against Instagram's Community Guidelines. In terms of posts that break Community Guidelines, any post that inspires objectionable images, cyber-calling, harassment, hate speech, drug cells or counter-terrorism will be against Instagram's Community Guidelines. Instagram will delete these posts and notify users via notifications. Earlier this month, Instagram rolled out a new feature to prevent online bullying. This feature is equipped with Artificial Intelligence. This feature will ask you to change your post if users go to post any kind of hate speech. In this case, users will know that what they are going to post may be against the guidelines. In addition, Instagram is also testing another rescheduled feature these days that will rescind users by commenting on their posts to select followers.

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