WhatsApp is going to add this special feature to change the user experience

Jul 21 2019 10:43 AM
WhatsApp is going to add this special feature to change the user experience

WhatsApp, the world's popular social media app, is about to change its user experience. Some new features are going to be added to this app. Many of these features have been waiting for users for a long time. There are many features like dark mode, quick edit, status mute that many users have been demanding for a long time. All these features will soon be rolled out to WhatsApp on demand from users. Many of these features are currently available in the beta version.

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Dark Mode: This feature is called WhatsApp's most animated features. This feature has been rolled out for Facebook Messenger. The feature has also been rolled out for YouTube. This feature has already been made available in the beta version of Android and iOS. It will soon be made available for the main version as well.

This feature also changes its chats and settings to dark grey shade, in addition to the app. Once this feature is added, the app will reduce your smartphone's battery consumption. Adding this feature will go a long way for users using this app at night. This feature won't affect the eyes too much.

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Quick Edit Media: WhatsApp has been working on this feature for several days. Adding this feature will improve your chatting experience. With the addition of this new feature, you will be able to edit the received or sent media files from within the chat. This feature has recently been spad in beta version.

Frequently Forwarded: The new feature has been specially designed to prevent the spread of fake news or rumours. Once these new features come in, any message you send to more than 5 people will start labelling. Users will then be able to know how many people have been sent to a message so far. In this case, a rumour or fake news may be prevented from being forwarded again and again.

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QR Code: Scanner This feature will also be added to WhatsApp soon. This feature allows you to easily add a contact. All you need to do is scan a contact through the app. You'll be able to use this feature just like a normal QR Code scanner app.

Hide Mute Status: This feature allows you to remove any status feed from your WhatsApp list. Right now you can see the Fed status of any contact in your status list.

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