YouTube: Music and Video can be switched just with a button

Jul 21 2019 10:43 AM
YouTube: Music and Video can be switched just with a button

YouTube has rolled out a new feature for its music and video streaming app. This feature will be able to flip the audio and video. However, this feature will only work if the video of the song is available on the app. There are currently over 5 million songs available on YouTube that can be heard with this new feature.

To use this feature, you'll be able to go to your YouTube music app to see the video options for those songs. For this, you'll need to select a song in the app. When playing Songs you will get two options, Song or Video.

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Tell you when you'll tap the video for your information. You'll then be able to play video songs with YouTube's video streaming app. If you're watching a video and you want to listen in the song audio form, you'll also be able to switch from the video to the audio.

This requires your smartphone to have both the YouTube music app and the YouTube app. The most important feature of this new feature is that you'll also be able to switch from video to audio and audio in the middle of the song, and it works without using or pausing the playing song.

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 The YouTube Music app was launched in India in May this year. You can also use this app for free but you don't get many features in the free version. Android users are required to pay Rs 99 per month to subscribe to this app. Premium users can use features like offline play and background music play through this app.

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