WhatsApp launches new feature, this is how you can control fake news

Aug 04 2020 02:30 PM
WhatsApp launches new feature, this is how you can control fake news

Whatsapp is used by millions of people in the country. Meanwhile, the social messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, which has been named Search the Web. With this help, information about the authenticity of the message to be forwarded can be put. If you agree to WhatsApp, it will help a lot in preventing the spread of fake news. This feature provides the facility to find the clarity of the forward message by tapping direct on the forwarded message.

The Facebook and company WhatsApp has launched Search the Web feature from a few selected countries. The company will soon introduce this feature in the country. Let us know that in the past few months, many types of wrong information was being spread on WhatsApp regarding COVID-19. To overcome this problem, the company has introduced many types of features. Along with this, a new search the Web feature is being brought in the market by WhatsApp.

According to the company's claim, this feature is very easy to use. Currently the Search the Web feature is present in countries like Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain. In the forward message displayed on WhatsApp, the right next side glass icon of the size of a search lens will appear. If you tap on the chat message, all the information related to your forward message will be directly accessed on the web search page, from where all the information about the forward message can be obtained, and the authenticity of the forward message can be found. With this, the new feature is very impressive.

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