There are no new rules for search engines, Google moved High Court by filing a petition

Jun 02 2021 04:18 PM
There are no new rules for search engines, Google moved High Court by filing a petition

The new guidelines of the Government of India have been introduced for social media and OTT platforms. After a few days of controversy, all social media companies have implemented the new rule on their platforms. Meanwhile, Google has said that the new rules of the India government are not going to apply to search engines. Google has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking a separate look at its case. Google in its petition has said that it is a search engine and not a social media platform, so new laws cannot be imposed on it. The Delhi High Court has sought response from the Central Government and the Delhi Government on Google's plea. The next hearing in the case will be held on July 27.

The GOOGLE has appealed to the Delhi High Court to quash the single judge's order seeking removal of objectionable content from the internet. A single judge's bench pronounced the verdict during the hearing of a case in which photos of a woman were uploaded by some miscreants on a website showing pornographic material and they could not be completely removed from the World Wide Web despite court orders and these photos were reposted to another site.

Google has said that it is not a social media company. In such a situation, no content can be pressurised to be removed within 24 hours of the complaint as it does not come under the purview of the new law. Google has claimed that a single judge in its April 20 order "misportrayed" its search engine as a 'social media mediator' or an "important social media mediator" as per the new rule.

A bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh has sent notices to the Centre, Delhi Government, Internet Service Providers Association of India, Facebook, pornographic site and the woman on whose petition the single judge had issued the order. The bench asked him to respond to Google's plea by July 25. The court also said that it is not yet going to give any interim order at this stage.

He said in the petition, "The single judge wrongly enforced and misinterpreted the new Rules 2021 on the petitioner search engine. In addition, the Single Judge has consolidated various sections and various rules of the IT Act and passed orders including all such orders and provisions which are not correct in the law".

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