Is there more than 1500 deadly viruses available in Wuhan's laboratory?
Is there more than 1500 deadly viruses available in Wuhan's laboratory?

China is surrounded all the way to spread the coronavirus. Ever since the cases were reported in the last year i.e. December 2019, there are speculations that the virus has originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) or nearby Wuhan Sea Food Market. Sources say about this time that more than 1500 deadly viruses are present in this WIV lab, which can become a new threat to the world if leaked. Research experiments are being carried out in PIV laboratory of WIV.

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According to reports by British media group The Mail about Wuhan of China, rare internal photographs of the Wuhan Lab have been revealed. The photos point to a sinister leak from the lab, which has been hidden by Beijing. The photos show a broken seal on the door of one of the refrigerators used to store 1,500 different types of viruses. It also includes the Bat Coronavirus.

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The first such photos were first released by the government-owned China Daily newspaper in 2018. Photos of the broken seal of these refrigerators were revealed on Twitter last month, which were later deleted. It was also commented on one of them that I kept a better seal on the refrigerator kept in my kitchen. Last week, the newspaper also revealed that the institute carried out coronavirus experiments on bats in Yunnan, funded by a US grant. After which President Donald Trump on Friday evening stopped the grant for the Wuhan Institute. Trump had said that we are conducting a very thorough investigation into this terrible situation.

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