If you also eat breakfast on paper, stop it today or else

Cancer is a disease that has become common nowadays. The main cause of cancer is yet to be ascertained. However, there are many causes of cancer. Which provides reasons for smoking, alcohol chemicals, etc. This includes your breakfast on paper. Nowadays, street food available on the roadside in hotels is delicious, but in most places, adequate cleanliness is not taken care of. Food is served on thermocol paper etc.

Paper is used instead of plates for items like vada pav, poha, sweet bhel on the most important cart. However, did you know that the ink used on colored papers is chemical. In fact, the practice of serving food on paper is a slow poison for Indians, because it is also prevalent in small hotels, vendors' homes. Well, you hardly know that newspapers, cardboard are made from recycled paper, which contains a lot of chemicals. These chemical organs affect the immune system.

It can lead to cancer-related diseases. You must be aware that most of the items of food sold on the roadside are wrapped in paper. It is harmful to health and can also become a cancer factor. If you eat breakfast on colored paper, leave it today, otherwise, you may suffer from cancer.

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