Video: The man climbed the wing of the plane and then...

Jul 23 2019 12:16 PM
Video: The man climbed the wing of the plane and then...

Recently, a strange case has come to light, which you will be thinking about. People sometimes indulge in strange acts that make them appear in discussions on social media. A man was taking off at Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos city when he climbed on the wing of a plane. The Airports Authority said he has been arrested. However, his identity has not been disclosed. Let us know why he did such a thing.

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According to information, the plane was on its way from Lagos to Port Harlot. The situation could not be clear about why he did so. Police said that on Friday morning, Ajman Air's Boeing 737 appeared to fly on the runway as soon as a person was approaching the plane. The pilot slowed down the engine first and then stopped it. "He came close to the running plane. He had a suitcase in his hand. First, he put the suitcase inside the engine and then climbed the wing."

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Apparently, all the passengers on the plane were terrified to see this. For a while, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Nervous people asked the crew to open the evacuation door due to safety concerns. A person inside the plane made a video of the incident in which the person can be seen walking on the plane's fan. The man was later detained by Nigerian airport authorities and is being questioned.

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