Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia experiences a breakdown as housemates argue over food: Bigg Boss 16
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia experiences a breakdown as housemates argue over food: Bigg Boss 16

An enormous brawl broke out inside the Bigg Boss 16 house because of Shanivaar Ka Vaar. Every season, food has been a significant problem in the home. This time, Archana was in charge of the cooking. After starting to cook, Archana argued with Sumbul about why she hadn't given her any rice. She agreed to cook when Shalin stepped in, but Priyanka objected, saying that if she cooked for Sumbul and Shalin, she would also have to cook for Ankit and her.

When Nimrit hears about the entire altercation from Gautam, she goes to Sumbul and warns her that if she doesn't provide food on time the next time, Archana has every right to refuse to feed them. Archana is then brought back to her senses by Nimrit, but due to the cooking duty, Archana loses her temper and starts yelling at everyone. The fight is ended by Nimrit by offering a solution to assist her with the food duty.

In the future, Sreejita and Priyanka argue with Archana about making rotis while she is cooking dinner. Once more beginning to count, Archana starts a conversation. Priyanka stirs up the conflict once more when Nimrit returns to inquire about what transpired. Khana hai toh khao, warna bhaad mein jao, Nimrit loses her cool and yells at everyone. "Where is humanity?" she enquires. Why do you guys fight over food so much? Priyanka is confronted by Nimrit, who requests that she stop encouraging these altercations. As she moves to the balcony, Nimrit begins sobbing uncontrollably.

Nimrit says, "Things could get sorted out calmly but everyone wants to fight," as Gautam Vig, MC Stan, and Tina Datta rush to comfort her. When Archana notices that things have gotten out of hand, she visits Nimrit. Soundarya agrees to assist her with distributing the food even after Archana starts crying and they seek a solution.

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