Nitin Gadkari gave a big statement, said - no need to stop petrol and diesel vehicles
Nitin Gadkari gave a big statement, said - no need to stop petrol and diesel vehicles

Another relief news has come to petrol and diesel vehicle manufacturers. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that there is no need to ban petrol and diesel vehicles to promote electric vehicles. In order to increase the popularity of electric vehicles, vehicles with other fuel options will automatically reduce.

Addressing the national conference on energy efficiency in micro, small and medium industries, Gadkari said, "I have always been talking about electric cars, bikes and buses. Now production has started naturally. So it is mandatory There is no need to do it. Similarly, there is no need to ban petrol, diesel vehicles. All buses in the next two years are either electric, or Practical begin ethanol and running on CNG. " 

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Sharing his statement with everyone, Gadkari said that if we run the vehicle on electricity, it will run at one-fourth of the cost of diesel. Gadkari said, "When I said in a meeting with the automobile industry that I will ban smoke-releasing machines in the country, a lot of people got nervous." But now we have plastic cylinders imported from Germany which can reduce the cost of LNG by 50 percent and CNG by 40 percent.

Now, after harvesting the paddy crop, the farmers burn the straw in the fields, causing heavy air and soil pollution. But now the government has started making small bullets by purchasing parali through companies like NTPC and then using them as fuel in power plants.

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For your information, stating the need to set energy efficiency standards of all machines in India, Gadkari said that Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) should not provide ISI mark to such machines which do not meet the standards of energy consumption. Descending. This will increase our competitiveness. Energy Minister RK Singh, who was present at the conference, said that a new policy of new electricity rates has been prepared which has been sent to the cabinet for approval.

This will solve the problems by increasing the rates in another area (cross subsidy). The new policy makes it compulsory to purchase electricity from waste-making companies. These are placed in the category of 'all-run plants' (Must Run). In addition to the guidelines laid down by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for MSME energy conservation, the management portal named 'Siddhi' was also introduced by the ministers of the Bureau. 

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