Amit Shah criticised RJD and Congress govt, said- To become PM, Nitish is...''

Purnia: Addressing a 'Jan Bhavna Rally' in Purnia, Bihar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah attacked the state CM Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. He said, "To become the PM, Nitish Babu is sitting in the lap of RJD and Congress today after stabbing us in the back." Amit Shah said, 'Nitish Babu, the people of India have become aware now. No one can become PM with the selfishness and the power of crooked politics. The people of the country make someone PM who does development work, is devoted to one's ideology and ensures the security of the country.

Amit Shah said, 'Bihar's land has been the centre of change. By betraying the BJP, the voice against the politics of selfishness and power given by Nitish Ji will also start from the land of Bihar. Amit Shah said, 'Today I have come here in the border districts, so Lalu Ji and Nitish Ji are feeling pain in their stomach.

Amit Shah said, 'But today I have come to tell this to the brothers and sisters of the border districts, because Lalu Ji has joined the government and Nitish Ji is sitting on Lalu Ji's lap, after that, there is an atmosphere of fear. Yes, I have come to tell you that these border districts are part of India, there is a Narendra Modi government in the country, and no one needs to be afraid.' Let us tell you that this is Amit Shah's first visit to Bihar after the BJP lost power in the state due to political upheaval last month. Shah, the former president of the party, who is considered to be the chief strategist of the BJP, will spend two days in the Seemanchal region. During this two-day visit, Shah will hold several meetings with party officials and officials of the administration.

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