Noida International Airport Unveils Striking New IATA Code 'DXN'
Noida International Airport Unveils Striking New IATA Code 'DXN'

New Delhi: The Noida International Airport of Jewar has proudly introduced its distinctive International Air Transport Association (IATA) code, christened 'DXN.' The airport, poised to revolutionize air travel in the region, is gearing up to welcome its first flights by the close of 2024.

IATA codes, the alphanumeric codes that uniquely identify airports across the globe, play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless aviation operations. These codes adorn travel documents, orchestrate flight schedules, facilitate ticketing, and underpin the efficient handling of baggage, eliminating any potential ambiguity when traversing international skies.

Spanning a sprawling expanse of 1,334 hectares in the vibrant Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Jewar, the Noida International Airport stands at a strategic crossroads. Nestled just 72 kilometers from the bustling Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, it lies within convenient reach, a mere 52 kilometers from Noida, and 130 kilometers from the iconic city of Agra.

The airport's development has been entrusted to Switzerland's renowned Zurich Airport, renowned for its fusion of Indian warmth and Swiss precision, promising to create a contemporary, user-centric, and digitally-advanced aviation hub.

Christoph Schnellmann, the CEO of Noida International Airport, exclaimed, "As one of the world's most populous urban regions, the National Capital Region of India rightfully deserves a second airport. Noida International Airport is set to transform this long-cherished dream into a tangible reality."

Tata Projects, a leading player in India's construction industry, has been awarded the prestigious contract for the airport's engineering, procurement, and construction. The passenger terminal is currently undergoing a transformation, with structural steelwork supporting its iconic roof. Towering above at a height of over 30 meters, the Air Traffic Control tower stands as a symbol of progress. Meanwhile, extensive groundwork along the runway's entire length is being meticulously executed, with a dedicated workforce of approximately 7,000 individuals tirelessly toiling on-site.

In the upcoming months, the Noida International Airport will witness the emergence of more than 20 crucial structures, including the passenger terminal, the commanding Air Traffic Control tower, office blocks, sewage and water treatment facilities, and electrical substations. The airport administration is also inviting bids for a range of aeronautical and non-aeronautical concessions, covering everything from food and beverage outlets to luxurious lounges, with advertising and ground handling contracts set to be unveiled shortly. A groundbreaking ceremony for the cargo terminal is slated for this week, marking another milestone in this remarkable venture.

Zurich Airport, a stalwart in aviation management, presently oversees operations at ten airports worldwide, spanning from its iconic Zurich hub in Switzerland to the burgeoning Noida International Airport in India, along with eight other destinations in Latin America. Notably, Zurich Airport has a deep-rooted history in the Indian aviation landscape, having once held a significant 17% stake in Bengaluru Airport in 1999 as part of a Siemens-led consortium. Over time, it gradually divested its shareholdings, ultimately selling the remaining 5% to Prem Watsa's Fairfax in 2016, as part of its strategic evolution.

The unveiling of 'DXN' as Noida International Airport's IATA code signals a new era of aviation excellence, promising unparalleled convenience and connectivity for travelers in the National Capital Region and beyond. Stay tuned as this ambitious project takes flight, setting new standards in air travel.

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